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5 Things you need to stop writing in your cover letter

Cover letters are everyone’s least favourite part of applying for a new role. Unfortunately, they are very important and almost always are read before your CV. Here are some tips for things you need to stop including within them and what to replace them with.

‘References available upon request’
Anyone hiring will ask for these, so you don’t need to literally state this. It sounds old fashioned. Instead, make sure you have your list of references ready, with all their contact details. Also make sure they are happy and ready to be contacted to give you the reference for when the time comes.

Anything written in the third person
This is a letter from you, written by you, not by someone else on behalf of you. Write about yourself in a conversational tone in the first person.

Dear Madam (or Sirs)
This is 2016 not 1976. It is impersonal and generic. We have the ability now to look up who is advertising a position, so do your research. Otherwise, you may come across as lazy.

I am hard working
I shouldn’t have to explain this one, but believe me this still comes up in cover letters a lot. The fact it needs to be mentioned questions how true it is. Leave it out.

‘My names is ______ and I am applying for the position of ______’
They already know this, and your name is (or should) be at the bottom of the letter (and if by email, in the ‘from’ line).

Writing a cover letter is still hard and takes time, effort and practice. Hopefully these tips will help you stand out from the generic cover letters.

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