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5 Times when you do not need to say sorry at work

Sorry is our natural way to soften the blow or protect someone’s feelings when we ask for something. It may make you feel better whilst delivering the news, however it can actually do more harm than good to your reputation.

Here are some times when we have felt the need to say sorry, when it really isn’t necessary:

When you need tools imperative to your job
Be it software, equipment or as simple as a pen, if you need it for your job you shouldn’t apologise for asking for it. A hair dresser can’t do much without their scissors, can they?

Taking time off work
You are given an allocated number of holiday days per year, you do not need to apologise for using them. Make sure you give as much notice as possible and for peace of mind, make sure your work is completed or covered whilst you are away.

If you are off sick
We all get sick and this is what sick days are allocated for. You do not need to apologise if you catch the flu.

When you need some information
You may not have gotten everything you need from a single meeting or phone call to make an important decision. You do not need to apologise to re-contact someone, just make sure you are fully prepared with all the questions you need answered.

When someone owes you money
When someone requests money from you for a service they have provided, do they apologise first? No. If you have provided a service, you should be compensated for the work. If the client is unable to pay in full, look for a solution, maybe a timeline for payment. Do not be rude. Situations change, and it is likely they have a good reason as to why they haven’t paid you yet.

Rather than always apologise, be thoughtful and genuine, this goes much further than ‘sorry.’ It may be time to look for a new job if you have an employer who only responds apologies and grovelling.


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