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5 Ways to progress your career in 2016 (For real this time)

Did you wake up on January 1st 2015 full of good intentions … to lose a stone in weight, learn a language, get a new job but it just never happened, or got put off and put off and become a distant memory?

It’s probably not your fault, you just needed a plan of execution. Here’s 5 steps to really making a ‘New’ You.

1 What do YOU want?

Review your goal Firstly what do you want? Is it a new job or is to change how you view your current job?

Some people want their career to be a key focus of their life, they live to work and others just want to live and survive so they can take a few holidays a year and drive a nice car.

2: Choose an approach

Decide if you want to move towards or away from something. You may want to choose something new – you know the job you want but may be unclear how to become successful. Or you may seek to move away from a job you hate, or a difficult boss.Take some time to think about your strengths, your talents, your interests and to identify some options you can research. If you want to move away from something you hate be really clear what it is so you avoid getting into the same situation again

3: Set a SMARTER Goal.

A resolution is not. It needs to be MEASURABLE, we need to know where we start from so we can monitor progress. Getting the new job is a clear measure of success but we need to break it down into sub steps such as, firstly to get a job as a Marketing Assistant, then Marketing Executive as you work towards being a Marketing Director.

4. SET realistic Goals

most things are possible if we set our minds to them and focus, but if we find science confusing will we ever pass the exams to qualify as a nutritionist? Are there better alternatives

5. Don’t make excuses

Everyone’s guilty of it, I will start next week, now is not a good time, my boss was nice to me this morning, they’re really busy… but next week turns in to next month and next month turns into next year and you end up in a viscous cycle and right back where you started. Make yourself a timeline and don’t let anything stand in your way.




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