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Be taken more seriously at work by removing these words from your vocabulary

There are many small words in our everyday vocabulary that, if used, can damage your credibility at work and make you appear as if you are lacking commitment to your tasks, and even your entire job.

Here are a few of those words and tips for cutting them out;

If you gave someone a task, would you prefer them to try and find a solution, or find a solution? Your boss doesn’t want to know what you tried to do, they want to know what you actually have done.

At work, telling someone you might do something, also means that you might not. It is not good to be indecisive and we lose credibility when those indecisions affect those around you that you work with.

Use the words will and won’t. What will you do, what won’t you do? You will then come across as trust worthy and decisive.

“I almost finished”, “It’s almost done” – when you look at the word almost in every day phrases you realise that it implies that you are not going all the way. This could start to lose you credibility and appear as someone who isn’t getting tasks done.

Instead of almost, say you didn’t, you didn’t finish it because… and instead clarify where you are at, the progress made, and the next steps.

The use of the word someday lacks urgency or you are too busy right now. If a manager asked you to complete a task, would you say ‘yes, someday’ ?

It would be much better to say no if you are too busy, ask to shift priorities, or give a definitive completion deadline.

All of us use these words at work every day. If you want to get ahead of the game in your career, have a go at cutting these out. Small changes can lead to big rewards.



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