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Ben Haneche: What did I expect as an apprentice?

Before joining Ascension Global Recruitment l I was working at a legal recruitment company based in Bank, London.

Since joining the team and working in a city that I’ve never been to, because it’s a young company that has continually progresses and grows there has been a huge opportunity for myself as an apprentice.

On a daily basis my role is to support and search for the best possible candidates for the vacancies that are currently active. This is something I thoroughly enjoy as it’s an environment in which the industry is constantly changing and evolving.

Initially when I started, I was a bit sceptical. Reason behind this slight concern was fear of being thrown in at the deep end and potentially belittled within an office environment due to the office comprising of senior consultants much more experienced than myself.

Thankfully this wasn’t the case. The team here at Ascension have been very supportive and the main reason behind me being able to grow and progress both as an individual and as a professional within the industry. I have the ability to be able to ask (what sometimes may appear a simple question) in a fact paced environment without the fear of any repercussions and this is what I now know is vital for anyone starting in a new role, especially as a trainee.

I believe the main reason I was successful in obtaining this position, despite my home location not working in my favour was down to my focus towards my future and achieving the ambitions and goals that I have set out for myself.

A common question that’s asked in almost every interview is ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?’ For me personally, I want to be able to progress into a managerial role within recruitment.

In the short space of time I’ve been here, I feel this can be more than achievable, both because of my attitude and the spirit of wanting to develop and gain success as a team. I enjoy my time here and look forward to what the future hold in store.

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