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Here is how Ascension OUT PERFORMS your current PSL

We’re willing to bet, if you’ve ever use a recruitment agency – you’ve probably had a bad experience. We’ve challenged these believes and consistently strive to change perceptions in 3 keys areas!


Traditional Agency – Between 15- 30%

Ascension – Between 5-15%


Payment Model:

Traditional Agency – 3 month rebate / sliding scale

Ascension – Payment after evaluation OR 100% rebate! The choice is our clients.



Traditional Agency – What transparency? Fees are provided on a case by case basis.

Ascension – Our HQ is glass fronted with an open door policy. Our fees are publically published on our website and all of our consultants have direct extensions so you’ll never be left wondering what’s going on.

Speak to our directors today about joining your PSL or if you’re still not sure, Try us our as a secondary supplier!


Aitch Henry-Doswell –                                Michael Woolnough –

phone: 01245 294 160                                                                                        Phone: 01245 294 160

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