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How to answer these 5 common interview questions

So you have landed yourself an interview at your dream job, great! Except you are getting a little nervous about what they are going to ask you in the interview. It would be a wonderful world if they emailed you a list of questions before the interview so you could prepare your perfectly phrased responses, but that isn’t going to happen. It isn’t that kind of interview.

Here are 5 common questions that you might be asked in your next interview, and how to go about answering them.


Can you tell me a little about yourself?
Surely this one is easy, you are just talking about yourself, right? Well no, actually it isn’t. Most people fail to prepare properly for this one. Don’t give the interviewer a long description of your employment history. Instead, think of the most suitable achievements you have received that you can relate to this role, and use it to explain how you would be best for it.


How did you hear about the position?
Again, sounds like a simple question with a simple answer, but you can use this response to highlight how interested in the profession you are. Did you hear about it on a blog or article? Great, tell them what it was. Did you hear about it from a friend? Specifically mention their name. Showing you follow particular blogs, news outlets etc. shows your real interest for the particular industry.


What are your weaknesses?
This questions can be a tricky one. Whilst you do not want to tell someone that you “are really unorganised” or “late all the time”, the interviewer will see right through “I don’t have any weaknesses.” On that note, they also do not want to hear “My biggest weakness is that I am too organised” or similar. Boring, unoriginal and a flat out lie. Tell them about a weakness that you taking steps to overcome. This could be that you struggle with difficult people but you are taking management training to help deal with these situations.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
What the interviewer is trying to establish is if you are ambitious, if you have set realistic goals for your career and if your goals align with the role. Have think about where this position could take you and align it with your goals.


Why do you want to leave your current role?
Yet another tough question to be asked, but one you will almost certainly get. Keep things positive and do not speak negatively of your current employer or boss. Instead, give them an answer that shows you are keen to take on new or more responsibilities. Perhaps your current role is missing something that the role you are interviewing for can give you.


The best thing to do before any interview is to prepare yourself and always think about aligning your answers to show that you are the best person for this role without actually saying it.

If you would like some more help on getting that next interview, get in touch with us today when one of our recruiters would be more than happy to discuss opportunities or vacancies with you.


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