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Lewis McGuinness – How I Guarantee a Positive Mental Approach, EVERYDAY!


I would like to share with you my daily mind-set process which I have been applying for the last 2 months and feel it has worked wonders for myself and I think it could do the same for you!


As soon as my alarm sounds I hit snooze for 10 mins, not to fall back to sleep but to consciously lay awake and prepare my mind for the day ahead.

When the alarm sounds for a second time I instantly start playing the audiobook I am currently listening to get my mind working and active (Also leverages my time effectively). Playing high temp music also work perfectly as it will help raise your brain frequency levels towards Beta frequencies where it is most effective and ‘sharp’.


Beta14-30 Hz Alpha 7-14 Hz Theta 4-7 Hz Delta 0.5-4 Hz
·         Alertness

·         Concentration

·         Cognition

·         Relaxation

·         Visualization

·         Creativity

·         Meditation

·         Intuition

·         Memory

·         Detached Awareness

·         Healing

·         Sleep


I then jump straight in the shower continuing to listen to my chosen audiobook and put on the BIGGEST smile possible! This may ache but will send chemical signals to your brain that tell you you’re are happy. I also list all the things I am grateful for from having food in belly, a roof over my head to things like simply being alive and having air in my lungs. This help to not over amplify and ‘bad’ things that may happen throughout the day and stay grounded to thing that really matter.

Next, when I am out of the shower I meditate for 10 mins. This is probably the most effective, underrate and powerful thing you can do to achieve a healthy and functional mind (and it FREE!). There is a wealth of studies that prove the effectiveness of meditation witch could be justified by a whole blog to itself so I won’t go far into it at this time.

Once I have finished meditating, I put back on my audiobook and get ready for the day, eat well and without any rush.

Just before I get to work I listen to motivational speeches to get me fully pumped up for the rest of the day (there are hundreds of these videos on YouTube).

Throughout The Day

There are some simple things you can do throughout the day to remain motivated and positive witch should be an on-going process:

  • Guard your mind from negative thoughts and consciously expel them from your mind
  • DO NOT say anything negative about anybody or anything throughout the day as it will bring you down and everyone around you
  • Smile!
  • Laugh!
  • Remember nothing is as bad as your mind is conditioned to make it – No more TGIF, now its TGIA – Thank God I’m Alive!


When I’m winding down for the day, I again think of everything I am grateful for and particularly things that have happened in the day.

Think of 3 things you accomplished within the day and congratulate and be proud of yourself for those things.

Finally, I listen to a guided meditation just before I sleep to allow my brain to slow down from the pace of the day. This also helps to make sure you sleep deeply rather than lightly to be full rested for the following day.


As I said in the introduction, I have been following these steps for around 2 months and am proud to say I have made a lot of the processes habits in this time. I wouldn’t be human if I said I follow it perfectly every day, but as they say, there is always room to improve and that’s what I aim to do!

Thanks for reading and please let me know your thoughts or any tips or processes you use throughout the day to remain motivated and positive.

All the best,



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