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Managed Services

Alongside the contingent recruitment services, executive search and retained assignments which are included in standard tariffs. Ascension also offers a full managed recruitment process by working in a strategic and operational partnership.
We guide you through each step of the process from creating a perfect job description to ensuring the candidate has passed all of the relevant due diligence and compliance checks so that they are ready to start on their first day!

How does it Work:

  • We come to your office and take a full specification
  • We advertise your vacancy and instruct our qualified consultants to begin searching
  • We shortlist up to 5 candidates per vacancy
  • We book a half day of your time to interview
  • We brief and debrief every candidate protecting your brand reputation
  • Together we narrow the field of candidates and select 3 finalists
  • 2nd Stage interview if required
  • Together we select the best person for the job and make an offer

The Benefits

  • Market Analysis – Analyse the job market, understand any potential skills gaps
  • Benchmarking – compare candidates against each other and current employees
  • Time saving – Dedicated interview days reduces the chances of cancellations
  • Structure – a focused approach to recruiting
  • Faster hiring – Time is money, reducing the time it takes increasing profitability
  • Streamlined communication – Have a dedicated account manager
  • Brand awareness – Increase employer branding by reaching a wide ‘agency audience’
  • Brand protection – The REC states the biggest complaint is against not receiving interview feedback
  • Cost – Drastically reduced cost per hire!


With Ascens-IN we work with your business to plan an effective recruitment process so you can conduct first round interviews from our offices in the heart of Chelmsford’s City Centre in less than half a day.


Our Ascens-OUT recruitment process is just as efficient as our Ascens-IN process; the core difference being if it’s difficult for you to get to our Chelmsford office, we can manage the entire process from yours with an identical service.


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