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Tips for getting a promotion

Everyone is striving for that promotion or pay rise. Here are some tips to help make you stand out to your boss above your colleagues.

Care, and show it: We don’t mean getting in early and leaving late. We mean passion, enthusiastic and interested in the business’ success and running. Celebrate others achievements and share positive things on social media.

Build strong relationships: Don’t hide away, bosses promote those they know and trust. Make sure you boss knows you and what you are about. It is also good to have a good relationship with your colleagues. You boss may be less interested in hiring you if they know no one you work with likes you.

Make notes of your successes: Be ready to remind others of your successes, with any financial or other measures of success to back them up. When have you learnt something new? When have you gone the extra mile? Employers will want to know WHY you think you should get the promotion.

Don’t make excuses: Things go wrong, even bosses know this, and if they do you need to show how you are going to solve the problem. Do not, and I stress, do not make excuses or blame.

Have solutions, not problems: Similarly, to the above, don’t go to you boss with a problem and nothing else. Go to him with the problem and some sort of solution. This way you will be remembered as a problem solver rather than a problem starter.

Speak up: If you have an idea, bring it to the table. It is better to be someone who has ideas than someone who has nothing to offer at all.

Keep a work/life balance: Working really late and starting early can make it appear that you are unable to manage your work load. Sometimes it is essential to work overtime, but in general, make sure you keep a healthy work/life balance.

Know what you want: What do you want to achieve? You must have the answer to this so you can focus your work and success. Make sure your success stories support the area in which you wish to progress in.

Getting that promotion or pay rise won’t happen over night, however if you really feel that you are going unnoticed or you feel you aren’t progressing, maybe you should look for a new role or challenge. If this is the case, please get in contact with us and we will do our best to help you.


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