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Tips to help present to management

So you have had a great idea that you want to present to your senior managers, and they are interested. Great! Now you have a meeting in the diary to present, and that makes you very nervous. We have written some tips on how to prepare yourself fully for the meeting. Remember, it is all in the preparation.

Objective of the meeting and the outcome
Make sure you are very clear of what you want to come out of the meeting. Is there a decision to be made or is it simpler, like an update? Whatever your want from the meeting, make it clear and don’t dance around it.

Know what your asking for, and from whom
Your meeting may have several stakeholders in from across the company, each of which has a say on specific areas. Know what they are in charge of and what you need from each of them.

Know who your pitching to
From my own experience, knowing how those in the meeting like it to run it is vital. I once had a manager who didn’t like that their paper was stapled together. Whilst this is a rare event (I hope) find out how they like to be presented to, is it in a summary or do they want in depth information? Ask around, ask their assistants.

Be snappy
Whilst this is probably one of your biggest meetings of the year, it is very likely that it isn’t theirs and their time is precious and they may even be late or cut the meeting short. Pitch your idea as clearly and a simply as possible and leave time for discussion, that way if you are cut short, they don’t miss any vital information.

Speak to the person, not their title
Whilst you may be speaking with the CEO, CFO, MD’s etc. do not get intimidated. They should not make you feel like you shouldn’t be there and have already dedicated time to meet with you and hear your ideas. There is no need to be nervous.

Take this opportunity with both hands and prepare, prepare, prepare. You never know what may come of it.





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