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When you should change your job?

Look out for the warning signs you should be changing your career…

  1. Decreased passion

When you’ve lost sight of the meaning of your job, it’s probably time to admit its lost its purpose.  Perhaps you no longer get that excitement you used to and have lost you passion, giving it half an effort and not your ‘ALL’.   If you wake up and think of reasons not to go to work, asking yourself ‘Do I Really need this job’ then it’s probably time to give it in.

  1. You Feel Underappreciated

When you feel like you’re not appreciated, it’s difficult to stay motivated.  When your boss doesn’t trust your ideas or support you progressing in the company it’s probably time to move on. Your boss doesn’t always have to go for your ideas but constantly not rewarding you for them or trusting your judgement would suggest you’ve out grown your role.

  1. Growth Stunt

Are you bored or constantly underwhelmed by your career?

Have you fallen in to a comfort zone that means you can’t really progress?

When you go to work each day, are you pushing yourself to do more?  Get out of the safety zone.

Is your company supporting your professional development and constantly challenging you to grow your skill set?


  1. Hostile environment

A hostile work environment where you feel executives are hiding things  is a difficult one to trust.   This type of workplace begins to impact your performance and ability to advance.  If your employer constantly makes promises and objectives they can’t keep, pay increases, promotions, new responsibility with growth and hard work and then doesn’t fulfil them.


  1. Lack of Reward

Your employer should be rewarding you for hard work and encouraging you to constantly widen your skill set so whether that is – salary, bonus, professional development, benefits, stock-options, mentorship, sponsorship, promotions, etc.

It’s easy to just do the minimum and become complacent but its your boss’ and ultimately your employers job to encourage you to grow as an employer and bring more to the role. Rewards should not emotional – they are qualitative and quantitative measurements.  If you are not being rewarded for your work and you’ve had the discussion of doing so then it’s probably time you went somewhere you were appreciated.

  1. All your ideas are whittled down

If your employer constantly makes you think differently or drastically changes and whittles down your creativity, then it becomes hard to give each project your ALL.   Being different means you can think, act and be creative in ways that come most naturally to you, everyone thinks and works differently, is productive at different times and works in a different manner.   When you become a victim of an identity crisis that is caused by your boss its time you went where you can grow



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